We understand that mortgage lenders and title companies have expanded their business to a national platform, providing services to states beyond their base of operation. If you are here, you must be handling a real estate transaction located within El Paso County, Colorado. Please take a moment to read through these points to better serve the residents of our county.

  • Colorado is a Tax Certificate state. A tax certificate is the certified amount due for all property taxes, tax liens, additional assessments or unpaid taxes that is currently due to our county. This certificate includes a listing of the mill levies and reflects interest accruals through the end of month. The information that is available online through our website does not replace a Tax Certificate.

Tax Certificates are $10.00 and can be obtained over the phone, through the mail or through our vendor portal: CAL (County Access Link).

CAL is a subscription based platform with an annual access fee. If you would like to learn how to become a user, please contact us at trsweb@elpasoco.com. This portal allows you to obtain a tax certificate “on demand” unless there is a unique attribute to the account. (Homestead Exemption, Tax Deferral, Tax Exempt, etc.)

  • Property taxes are billed and assessed in arrears. Please handle your prorations between parties with consideration to where you are in the calendar year.

If the account is already paid in full, all payments in excess of what was billed will be returned to the payment remitter.

  • The due dates are set by the State of Colorado and interest accrues monthly for all delinquent collections unless legislative action has been taken at the state level. Please be aware of your timelines for when the loan is funding or when funds are being disbursed to ensure you are remitting the CORRECT amount due. This will prevent your check from being returned to you and will help YOUR transaction run smoothly.

  • We will NOT cash your check if the check is insufficient to pay the balance due OR if you are specifying a payment type that has ALREADY been made. (ex: “1st Half Payment”) If you are including this level of detail, we will abide by your instructions. Your check will be returned to you, giving you the option to resubmit the check or disburse the funds back to their proper owner.

  • We are not responsible for any erroneous payments made at your guidance. ALWAYS verify the property you are servicing; not ALL properties are part of public record and properties can be comprised of more than one account.