Please take a moment to review the following points to better navigate our website and understand your property tax notice.

  • All tax statements are mailed annually to the owner of record. We do not know if you have a mortgage or the structure of your mortgage.

ALWAYS VERIFY THE STATUS OF YOUR PROPERTY TAXES WITH YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY BEFORE REMITTING PAYMENT. We are not responsible for any erroneous payments made by the owner or the mortgage company.

  • Statements are uploaded to our website every January. This is a PDF of the original tax statement and this PDF does not get replaced as ownership or addresses change. Your details under “Owner Information” are synced with the Assessor’s Office ownership records and will update as changes are made.


  • If you own multiple properties and ownership is consistent, you may search for all of your properties by owner name.
  • If ownership is under a business name, enter your business under the “last name” field and up to 200 properties will be itemized.
        • LESS IS MORE – Do not try to search by both location AND ownership, this will not work
  • If searching by address, BE SPECIFIC. If you are looking for 123 Washington Street, limit the house number range to “123” and enter only the street name. Your property will appear on the results list.


If you own multiple properties, please specify which property you are paying when you are remitting payment. If information is limited, will do our best to determine which property you may be intending to pay but we can’t guarantee we will always interpret your intentions clearly.


Please keep in mind that if a payment is itemized in the transactions, it may not be YOUR payment. If taxes remain unpaid and a lien is placed, the sale of the lien will show as a payment with “Tax Lien Status” in the alerts. This will reflect the date of our tax lien sale and show the amount paid by the investor who holds the tax lien.