Property Tax Statement Explanation

To gain a better understanding of the El Paso County Property Tax Statement, Take a tour of the highlighted sections for more information. All detailed information in this statement is an example and not actual data.


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The primary function of the County Treasurer is the collection and distribution of property taxes in compliance with Colorado Statutes.

In the State of Colorado, property taxes are collected in arrears.

The property tax lien attaches to the property on January 1 of the tax year and becomes payable on January 1 of the following year.

It is the property that secures the tax lien. The lien follows the property, not the owner, until paid in full.





NLY 10.0 FT OF ELY 50.0 FT OF



This information is prepared from the Assessor’s file for property tax purposes.

Schedule numbers are assigned by the Assessor’s office.

Property locations may or may not be the mailing address of the property but are an approximate address to indicate location only.

Property description is set by 39-5-103, C.R.S. stating: “In listing tracts or parcels of real property, the Assessor shall identify the same by section, or part of a section, township, and range, and if such part of a section is not a legal subdivision, then by some other description sufficient to identify the same. In listing town or city lots, he shall describe the same by number of lot and block, or otherwise, in accordance with the system of numbering or describing used by the town or city in which said lots are located.”

Prior to payment of taxes, please check the property description to be sure you are paying taxes on the right property.

The names and mailing addresses are maintained by the County Assessor’s Office. Changes can be accomplished through the Assessor’s Office at the below address and telephone number.

El Paso County Assessor

1675 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 2300

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Telephone: (719) 520-6600

Email address:

The Tax District code, as assigned by the Assessor, identifies the taxing authorities servicing the geographical area in which the property is located.

Assessed Value is the value of a property according to the tax rolls in ad valorem taxation. The assessed value is calculated by the market value multiplied by the current assessment rate.

Property values, both the actual and taxable (assessed), are calculated by the Assessor.

Questions related to property values may be directed to the County Assessor. You have the right to protest real property value or the classification. El Paso County Assessor.

The tax statement disclosure is an accurate accounting of how your property tax dollars will be disbursed to the taxing authorities.

The total tax rate for El Paso County Real Property is .0072.

Colorado State law requires the County to share its revenue for the Road and Bridge Fund with the city or town when the property is located within a city or town. The current disclosure reflects the amount of the tax levy being shared with the city or town.

Taxing authorities (schools, special districts, cities/towns, public library, and the County) utilize the taxable (assessed) value to set tax rates. A taxpayer can have input in the amount of taxes due on his/her property. Watch for notices of budget hearings held annually in the fall, attend budget meetings of the taxing authorities in your area, and vote when there are elections which could affect your property taxes.

The TAX AMOUNT column indicates the distribution of your tax dollars to the taxing authorities. Late payment interest is disbursed to the taxing authorities based on their percentage of the total tax liability.

Information contained in the optional special message box indicates additional data relating to the property’s tax status which was true last December. Additional data notices may have since been resolved. Additional data may include any of the following:

  • Prior Year’s Tax Due – There are additional unpaid property taxes which are not reflected on this statement.
  • Tax Lien Sale – A lien was sold for a prior year’s unpaid taxes and failure to cure the tax lien can result in the loss of your property.
  • Special Assessment Due – These are billed separately thirty (30) days prior to the payment date. Payment dates for special assessments are set by the assessing authority.
  • Pending Exemption – While your application for exemption is being processed by the State, no action will be taken to collect the taxes.

Call (719) 520-7900 for more information on any of these additional charges.

Property taxes are due on January 1 for the previous year.

If you elect to pay your taxes in halves, the first half is payable by the last day of February. The second half payment is payable by June 15 of the year the taxes are due.

The entire tax amount can be paid in one installment on or before the last day of April.

When timely payment is made by mail and is postmarked by the Post Office on or before the deadline, it will be accepted as received on time.

Taxes totaling less than $25 cannot be paid in halves but are to be paid in one payment by the last day of April.

Taxes that are not paid in accordance with the statutory payment windows accrues interest pursuant to state law. If you are paying taxes after the payment windows, please use the following table which provides the interest percentage and remit the additional amount with your tax payment.

Month Paid Half Tax Option Full Tax Option

March 1%

April 2%

May 3% 1%

June 15 4% 2%

June 16 4% 1% 2%

July 5% 2% 3%

August 6% 3% 4%

Assessments (Local Improvement District Installments, Additional Assessments, City/County Health Code.)

If your tax statement includes a payment for a local improvement district installment or an additional assessment, the interest chart for property taxes is not applicable. Prior to remitting payments for installments/assessments after the payment deadlines, please contact our office for the late payment charge.

A Few Things To Remember:

Make checks payable to: El Paso County Treasurer. Detaching and enclosing the proper coupon and using the return envelope will ensure timely and accurate processing of your payment.

If you are paying multiple schedules (accounts), please include the coupon for each schedule.

Unless your check clears through your bank, the taxes will remain unpaid. There is a $20 fee for all returned checks.

Checks are NOT accepted if drawn on banks outside of the United States.

If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company, keep the Property Tax Statement for your records and mail a copy to your lender.

Failure to receive a tax statement does NOT excuse payment of property taxes, interest, and/or fees when due. If you own more than one property and have not received all your statements, call the office at (719) 520-7900 or email

This disclosure is a requirement of state law. The State provides per student funding from a state tax revenue which reduces the amount of school funding from property taxes.